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woensdag 4 november 2015


Maarten Ruijters is van beroep architect. In zijn vrije tijd is hij fervent tekenaar en reiziger. In 2011 publiceerde ik al een groot aantal mooie tekeningen van Athoskloosters van zijn hand (uit 1975). Zie voor alle tekeningen de links onder aan deze blog.
Dit jaar bracht hij weer een bezoek aan de Heilige Berg. En hij maakte weer tekeningen (Athos, The Holy Mountain, sketches) en geeft commentaar:   

I.M. Stavronikíta 
Maarten Ruijters: This is my favorite monastery on AthosI made a drawing on the very same spot in 1975. In the meantime a path was made to the base of the structure.

I.S. Kafsokalíva                          

I.S. Kafsokalívia                                                         
Maarten Ruijters: Plan of the area around the guesthouse, the building with the red roof, far right.
From it's balcony one has a delightful view over the skiti and the sea beyond, see comment below.
The nave of the orthodox church has the plan of a Greek cross with cupola, barrelvaults and 3 apses.
The interior form of the apses is circular, while the exterior is 5-sided. Nex to it, on the left, is the narthex with a bigger central cupola. The bell tower is attached to the complex and accesible by a flight of steps. Behind the bell tower a winding path leads up the hillside.
The plan is not too accurate; measures are made by counting steps and guessing.

Kariés, Protáton
Maarten Ruijters: Alhough founded in the 10th century the present stucture probably dates from the 14th Century.It's basilica form is untypical for the church type on Athos. The interior is filled with amazing fresco's, some of them by the famed painter Panselinos.

                                                      Ouranoúpoli, toren Prosfóri
Maarten Ruijters: I dit the sketch hastily, standing on the pier, where it was windy and cold.
I made a drawing on the same spot 40 years earlier, see comment below. Is seems that nothing has changed, exept for the fence at the right.

Zie voor de tekeningen uit 1975: